Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kirtsy'd Pick O' the Day

Each day, I Kirtsy one post from the ALI community adoption/loss/infertility. I swear I'm not trying to take over Kirtsy, but we're 7.4 million people in America alone (which is 12.5% of the child-bearing age population). I'd like to get some of our stuff out there. And I like Kirtsy. It's like tapping into a very cool Google Reader that you can skim. Plus, it's pretty much all women so there is a modicum of "this is our space" to it that doesn't exist for me with Digg (um...not to disregard the men who read this site).

So what can you do? First of all, vote for the Kirtsy'd Pick O' the Day (it always appears in the first category of the post). How do you "vote" for something with Kirtsy? Simply by clicking on the title of a story. So it's two clicks: you click from my link to the post on Kirtsy and then you click on the post's title. You don't even need an account with Kirtsy to participate.

Secondly, you can help me find good posts to Kirtsy. What makes a good Kirtsy post? Something with staying power. Something that doesn't require you to know a person's backstory in order to jump into the post. Something that presents a "how-to" or stands as a quintessential post to the experience. Something that can be read well into the future and still makes sense.

  • Anything that gives insight into the experience (a blow-by-blow of your HSG)
  • Anything that presents a "how to" or gives a guide (such as AI's Noob List)
  • Anything that kicks off an ongoing project (such as Perfect Moment Mondays)
  • Anything that stands as an example of part of the ALI experience (the day you matched, your first retrieval, getting the diagnosis, etc).
Not Good:
  • Anything so personal that it's not accessible without knowing the backstory.
  • Anything that is so all-over-the-place that it can't be summed up in a sentence or two.
  • Anything that is just your average post (do you know what I mean? The one you'll never remember two days from now).
If you think you have something that could give insight to an outsider, please send it my way. Either your own stuff or something you read along the way. I will not be able to Kirtsy everything and I may not write back about each post (I feel like a tremendous bitch writing that and I'm apologizing in advance), but I will read everything and try to get a balance out there of experiences and types of posts. Email me the permalink for the post with the word "Kirtsy" in the subject line.

Please help out also by voting for Kirtsy'd posts. That is how they actually reach the front page. I'm trying to keep Kirtsying to a minimum so the site is not flooded and the voting watered down. Hence why I may not be able to Kirtsy everything that comes in or everything I find on my own. But I'll put the posts I've Kirtsy'd in the news section of the LFCA so you can help out and get our work a wider readership--either bringing new people into the community who haven't found our corner of the blogosphere yet or helping those outside the experience understand.

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