Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lost Bloggers Archive One

Could someone help me out please? I would love to continue to read Baby Blues at I Will Be Mom, but it looks like it has been changed to invited readers. If anyone could contact her to let her know that I would love to stay as a reader I would very much appreciate it (FOUND! See Found List).

(1) I drop out of the loop for a few weeks (OK, over a month) & everyone goes PWP :(
First I find out about Baby Blues & now Vanilla too. I think I better get off my butt & back into blogging. (2) I would love to be able to read again Vanilla at Vanilla Dreams. If you are reading, e-mail me at, or if anyone knows how to contact them, let me know! (FOUND! See Found List).

I'd also love to know how the amazing Dead Bug is doing. Has her new baby arrived yet? (FOUND! See Found List).

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