Friday, August 10, 2007

So You Want to Be a Clicker?

Grab an open section of the blogroll and start reading. It's as simple as that. When news comes in, fill out the form and it will be uploaded into the next issue of the LFCA. Get into a routine and do this for a month, and then email me and I'll give you that section of the blogroll permanently and put you up on the Clicker list.

Need more guidance than that? Keep reading.

First thing you need to do is check where eyes are needed on the blogroll. You can see which categories are currently open on the Clicker list. If you see an open category you'd like to cover, go to the blogroll, click on the appropriate room, and start reading the blogs in that section. Most Clickers check the blogs in their section at least once a week.

What are you looking for?
  • Pregnancy announcements
  • Birth or adoption announcements
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Loss remembrance announcements
  • Miscellaneous support--OHSS, retrieval, transfer, a procedure, wonky blood work, terrible day that is non-IF related (in other words, any place where you'd want to give the person a hug or tell them good luck)
  • Miscellaneous celebrations--unusual great news (so, not the "your lining looks perfect" great news, but something out of the ordinary)
  • Follow up to something that was listed before
  • News and announcements--example, Oprah's show on DI or one of Resolve's Calls to Action
  • Bedrest support
  • New blogs you find
  • Birthdays or anniversaries
  • Non-IF good news/huge accomplishments (like JJ becoming a blogger for Redbook)
You get the idea. It's merely seeing when someone needs support or needs people to celebrate with them and directing traffic over there. The blogosphere is just too damn big and small blogs get lost in the shuffle. So this levels the playing field and everyone can get the support they need.

Whenever you see something, fill out this form and hit send. It goes into a spreadsheet that is uploaded to the LFCA once a day. Don't forget, by the way, to send in your own info too. I mean, for your blog. Clickers tend to forget themselves in the mix. If you ever have questions about a piece of news or it's far in the future (someone mentions their birthday, for instance, but it's still four weeks away), you can email me:

Everyone takes a category, but you can always send in information you find on a blog outside your category. I'd rather have the same thing sent 5 times than not at all. By the way, most Clickers enter all the blogs in their section into Google Reader or the like (make sure you check the blogroll every so often to see if there are new blogs), so they can see quickly if someone updated and they don't click on blogs that haven't been updated. Just one more time saver.

I certainly do not say it enough, but I am eternally grateful for your help. As are the people in the blogosphere who get the support they need due to your work.

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