Friday, November 2, 2007

First Blog Fair: Password Protected Blogs

Welcome to the first Blog Fair. Job fairs bring you in touch with job openings you might otherwise never find and blog fairs place a list of blogs at your fingertips that you may have overlooked. This first fair is for password-protected blogs. Invite-only blogs obviously give you privacy and shut out undesired eyes. They also keep you from gaining new readership. Therefore, the answer is to open yourself up to new readership a few times a year and let in a bunch of new members while still keeping out the family members...uh...I mean, random didn't want reading your blog.

Unexplain This... The Sequel
Parenting after unexplained infertility
After 4 years of unexplained infertility I am finally a mom to a beautiful little girl. Contemplating getting on the TTC #2 wagon in Jaunary
Email her at

Cats in the Cradle
Domestic adoption
Long-time blogger from Fortune Cookie Follies now writing a private journal.
Email her at

The Problem with Hope
IF/ Open Adoption/Parenting/IF Under 25/Unexplained
Our 3-year infertility and adoption journey and crazy life afterwards. Conceived via IVF and delivered a baby boy in December 2007. We were matched the same week we got the positive, so we've got a baby girl (born in May '07) too!
Email her at

The Journey From Here
Neonatal Death
The Journey From Here
chronicles my ongoing grief over the birth and death of my youngest son Joseph at one hour old. There's also talk of therapy (I know...imagine, right?), faith, anger, laughter, rage and the things in life that are just hard right now.
Email her at

A Somewhat Ordinary Life
Male Factor/Donor Insemination/Pregnancy or parenting after DI
A Somewhat Ordinary Life chronicles a little bit about life in general and a lot about infertility. Over the past year it has moved from the frustrations that come along with trying and not suceeding to now discussing all the things that come along with pregnancy after DI.
Email her at

MLO Knitting
Tubal + High FSH + Endometriomas = Female IF
Nitty gritty details and occasional rants that are too private for the rest of the world.
Email her at mlo at otherinfo dot com.

Money Makes The Sperm Go 'Round
Blogging about male factor infertility and IVF/ICSI
Ding!Ding!Ding! Time for round two of IVF! It's been a rough year since IVF#1 but I'm lacing up the gloves and getting ready to go another round. But this time with the family and friends blocked out - I won't have to worry about pulling any punches or being hit below the belt. (We have enough problems below the belt). If you want to read along, email me at

Eggs in a Basket
We are just starting a cycle and are in that crazy vulnerable roller coaster period. We're currently doing IVF and we got great news about our insurance coverage, so we are happy to declare that this is not our last attempt.
To read along, contact Lori.

Piquancy (new space for an old blogger, the fabulous and wonderful Mollywogger--did you notice that I made it rhyme? It is password protected, however, so people will need to email Molly at if they want a peek).

Almamay's Fertility Journey
Want to read along? Email Almamay for an invite.

If you were unable to get in your information in time, leave your info in the comments and I'll move it up before the blog fair ends. You need to provide your blog name, url, category, a sentence or two about your blog, and a way to contact you. This blog fair will be permanently linked in the side bar for future reference.


MLO said...

Because Lupron = No Brain/ No Memory I thought I had emailed Mel...

email me at mlo at otherinfo dot com for nitty gritty details and occasional rants that are too private for the rest of the world.

Tubal + High FSH + Endometriomas = Female IF.

Celeste said...


Ha, this is perfect! I am so excited to be posting about my upcoming December cycle, but I'm feeling rather protective, so I'm posting to "friends only" on livejournal. If you have a lj account and want to read about my journey, leave me a comment and I'll add you!

I have PCOS and am pursuing IUI with donor sperm since my marriage just fell apart after 5 years of infertility.

Anonymous said...

I have quite a few password protected posts. If anyone wants to read those posts (mostly stuff about donating eggs) you can e-mail me at

This is a brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

(Indefinite Hiatus from) Project Kjetil is no longer PWP, it's no longer about hiatus, and it's on wordpress now.

Thanks for putting together all these lists and creating/maintaining this community!