Monday, June 29, 2009

The 2nd DIY LFCA

The general feedback for those who spoke up was that this system worked. So we're using it again today because I have limited Internet access. Use the comment section below to serve as the list. This is how to leave a comment for support.
  1. Leave the comment anonymously (even if you're okay with people knowing who submitted it, let's have everyone use the anonymous feature to be consistent).
  2. Choose a category: Miscellaneous News, Birthdays or Anniversaries, Loss Remembrances, Loss Announcements, Miscellaneous Support, Bed Rest Babes, Pregnancy Announcements, or Birth/Adoption Announcements.
  3. Link to the blog by using the format below. Obviously change the category name, blog url, and message to suit your blurb. This is just a sample. When put in the comment section like this, it will turn out looking like this: Support: Stirrup Queens is having a hard time. Please go over and give her a hug.
And then don't forget to use the list, click through, and leave comments. And check back throughout the day--people added things over time rather than just getting the whole LFCA in one gulp.

If you would also like the blurb to appear in the next LFCA, submit it additionally to the LFCA form.

Thank you for doing this again. Anything that is currently on the form will be uploaded the next time I post. It will be sort of a massive LFCA since it will include stuff that came in over the weekend too.


Anonymous said...

Anniversary: Kelly from The Yellow Room and her husband celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary this weekend.

Anonymous said...

You already said it:

my 12 year sober anniversary

my 6 year wedding anniversary

ivf the third starting at next cycle in July

Anonymous said...

Adoption Support: For Their Joy is trying to raise money for a missions trip to an orphange. It is two women going through their church. They are selling a dress on their blog, and looking for other ideas. They could always use prayers and verbal encouragement also. Please go cheer them on. An adoption is most likely going to come out of this mission for one of the women. (one of my dearest friends from college, so I know this is for real!)

Anonymous said...

Anniversary: Beautiful Mess had her 16th anniversary this weekend! Congratulations!