Friday, September 4, 2009

The 7th DIY LFCA

The LFCA will return as normal on Monday.

Use the comment section below to serve as the list today.

This is how to leave a comment for support.
  1. Leave the comment anonymously (even if you're okay with people knowing who submitted it, let's have everyone use the anonymous feature to be consistent).
  2. Choose a category: Miscellaneous News, Birthdays or Anniversaries, Loss Remembrances, Loss Announcements, Miscellaneous Support, Bed Rest Babes, Pregnancy Announcements, or Birth/Adoption Announcements.
  3. If you can, link to the blog by using the format below. Obviously change the category name, blog url, and message to suit your blurb. This is just a sample. When put in the comment section like this, it will turn out looking like this: Support: Stirrup Queens is putting up a DIY version of the LFCA. Go leave news in the comment box.
If you can't write your comment using the html format, simply cut and paste the url for the blog within the comment so people can go over. More important to get out the news than to have it look orderly.

And then don't forget to use the list, click through, and leave comments. And check back throughout the day--people added things over time rather than just getting the whole LFCA in one gulp.

If you would also like the blurb to appear in the next LFCA, submit it additionally to the LFCA form.


Anonymous said...

Support/Remembrance: Once A Mother is remembering her little one, on what should have been Peyton's first birthday. She could use some support on this bittersweet day.

Anonymous said...

Miscellaneous News: Vee has her birth story up after last week's arrival of Leo. Go wish her congratulations all over again!

Anonymous said...

Niobe's sister has been in a very serious accident. Go offer her support.

Anonymous said...

After many a trial, Millie's gone to Texas to meet her little one.


Anonymous said...

S from got her baby's autopsy report today (among other crappy news) and could use some support from fellow bloggers who've been there, and general support.