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483rd Issue of the LFCA

Welcome to today's edition of Connections Abound. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Anyone can submit news to LFCA by clicking here.

Lost and Found is open to anyone in the
infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption, pregnancy-and-parenting after infertility, assisted conception, living child-free after infertility or loss community (as well as anyone I inadvertently missed on that list). Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below.

Connections Abound

  • Kirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from Our Own Creation. While many google-inspired blog posts look at the most amusing keyword searches, this author looks at the heartfelt ones and summarizes some important information into a single space. How do you vote? Simply by clicking on the words "this one" above and then clicking on the post's title. Why the Kirtsy'd Pick O' the Day? Click on that link in the header navigation bar above for the story. And send me stuff!
  • Project: I've opened a second, separate list, similar to the Creme de la Creme called The Golden Haiku. The sign-up is a bit different and those in the ALI community can participate in both, either with the same post, or with a different post.
  • Resource: Sunny found this great list of romance books that do not have babies and pregnancies as part of the plotline. The site asked for "romances [that] feature infertility in ways that you appreciated, and which books were not so wedded to the idea that a Happily Ever After cannot occur without babies."
  • Non-IF Project: Shauna writes, "Noah Biorkman is a 5yr old boy who is in his last stages of neuroblastoma cancer after a 2 1/2 year battle. His family is celebrating Christmas next week and all he wants are xmas cards. Let's try and see how many we can get to him from all over the world please. His address is 1141 Fountain View Circle, South Lyon, MI 48178.
    I checked this story out on is true. Please send cards to let this little boy know you are thinking of him."
  • Activism: Body Diaries by Lucy writes: "Healthy People 2020 objectives identify public health priorities for research, to eliminate health disparities. Infertility is NOT included in these objectives currently, but they ARE open for public comment. Please set aside some time to provide some feedback on why infertility should be addressed in HP2020. Also, please consider contacting Resolve and encouraging them to respond."
  • Blog Move: Me and M writes: "Someone I know has found my blog - someone that I'd prefer didn't know about my struggles to conceive. Or the status of our sex life! So I've set up a new one. It's a direct continuation of Fertile PreConceptions. Nothing else has changed except the address & blog name. Thank-you! Me and M now at To Beam Again."
  • Blog Move: Due to anonymity issues, Kate of Maybe Baby is moving her blog, again. Please visit her at her new site.
  • Fundraiser: Cara at Share Southern Vermont invites each of you to enter the raffle for Bowling for Babies. The event is next Sunday, but raffle tickets are available online and you can stack the odds to win the item you actually want by putting LOTS of tickets in that virtual container! Many items have been donated by our blogging friends! The more tickets you buy the cheaper they are. Most items can be shipped. OR - if you want to support but aren't interested in items, you can sponsor a lane in memory of your angel baby. A picture of your baby's lane marker will be sent to you. The lane sponsorship donation is $25.
  • Question: Una Loca Trying Again is wondering about the cost of IVF drugs. She has the option of getting IVF free (!) in Spain but the time she will have to spend there will be shorter if she can do the lead-up protocol in the US. Any info you have will help her decide what to do.
  • Daily Update: There are currently 68 participants on the Creme de la Creme 2009 list.
  • Forums: If you are not a member of the forums, you will not have access to the LFCA on days when we are utilizing an open thread in the forums instead of posting on this site. Any blog reader or writer can become a member of the forums by clicking here and registering. On days when we don't have the LFCA, it also follows that I'll be slow on approving new members (that whole lack of Internet access thing) so please be patient.
NEW BLOGS (started in October or November 2009)
BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES (celebrate your birthday or blogoversary with the community. Send me date at any point and I'll post them on the correct day)
  • Making Me Mom celebrated her blogoversary yesterday. Go wish her congratulations.
  • Today is Our Own Creation's blogoversary. Go wish her congratulations.
  • Last week, it was Diana's birthday! Please go and sing her a song!
  • Birds and Squirrels is turning 35 on Tuesday. Go sing her a little song.
  • Today is Mo and Will's 1 year blogoversary. Go wish them congratulations.
LOSS REMEMBRANCES (send in the dates of loss anniversaries and I will post them on the correct day)
  • Thursday marked the one year anniversary of Tigger's mom passing away. It's not too late to go over and give her support.
  • On November 12, Bluebird will be remembering her twins on their birthday.
  • Lea remembered her son Nicholas on his birthday November 7. Please go give her support.
  • Judith is marking six months since the stillbirth of her son. Go sit with her a spell.
  • Carla had a D&C last week. This is her second missed miscarriage. Please give her support.
  • Mrs. Spit is going through a miscarriage (her 5th loss). Please go offer her support and love.
  • Cara's friend experienced a stillbirth. Please go share your words of condolence and support.
  • At Alison's first ultrasound at 7w, they found an empty gestational sac. Please go give her love.
MISCELLANEOUS SUPPORT AND CELEBRATIONS (scary scans, anxious waits, OHSS, and a host of other reasons why these bloggers could use some additional support right now. Also, celebratory retrievals, transfers, and other good news)
  • Trying to Get Knocked Up by Another Man just found out that she has the go ahead to do an IVF cycle with donor eggs! To make it even better, her donor is a good friend. Go celebrate with her.
  • Not only having recently endured a miscarriage, Baby Hungry also is having to cope with the loss of her job. Her dh is also out of work at the moment and they no longer have internet access at home.
  • Michele's daughter, Maya, had eye surgery for ROP on 11/3, and failed an extubation on 11/4 and has had to be reintubated. Lots of good thoughts and love needed.
  • All You Who Hope is going through a discouraging time. Go over and let her know that she's surrounded by people who care.
  • Just Nesting has found out that her latest IUI did not work and has started her period early. She could really use some support right now.
  • All Aboard the Pity Boat reached her first ever fitness goal this week, completing the "Couch to 5K" running plan.
  • Carli and her husband have gone through two unsuccessful IVFs and are on their last chance at a biological child with a FET using their sole remaining frozen embryo. Last week she found out her beta was 8.8. Please help her while she waits for her next beta on Monday.
  • While on a scuba excursion this week, a member of the dive party Life In the Polar North Defrosts was in had a panic attack and later died. They were among the last people to interact with her and are understandably shaken. Please go give her a hug.
  • An Unwanted Path had her IUI last week. Go give her good thoughts with the wait.
  • Heeeeeeeeere Storkey, Storkey had her FET. Go give her good thoughts for the wait.
  • Parenthood for Me, Inc. has officially become a 501 c(3) tax exempt not for profit charity.
  • Babyattheend is PUPO after transferring 3 embyros on Friday. Please stop by and help her occupy the WUB.
  • Pundelina Kafoops has received devastating news during a stims scan - even with IVF and ICSI, chances of conception are ate 1-2%. She is feeling ruined and crushed. Please stop by and give her a hug.
  • Tears Are For Babies is really struggling in the wake of her ectopic pregnancy.
BEDREST BABES: on bedrest following infertility or loss and needing support. Drop in on them and keep them company.
  • Carly has been put on bedrest until the end of her pregnancy, and has had some potentially disturbing news. Go send her some love and support.
  • A+A Adopt a Baby are snuggling with their new daughter Jubilee, born Oct. 23 and placed with them for adoption on Nov. 8.
  • Poppy delivered a precious baby girl on Thursday November 5th. Please stop by and send your congrats!
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