Wednesday, November 11, 2009

485th Issue of the LFCA

Welcome to today's edition of Connections Abound. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Anyone can submit news to LFCA by clicking here.

Lost and Found is open to anyone in the
infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption, pregnancy-and-parenting after infertility, assisted conception, living child-free after infertility or loss community (as well as anyone I inadvertently missed on that list). Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below.

Connections Abound

  • Kirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from Wistfulgirl's World. An amazing story about a premonition, a dream, and reality coming together to explain a woman's Christian faith in the face of infertility. How do you vote? Simply by clicking on the words "this one" above and then clicking on the post's title. Why the Kirtsy'd Pick O' the Day? Click on that link in the header navigation bar above for the story. And send me stuff! Kirtsy has been wonky so I'm running this again.
  • Project: Wistfulgirl's World is having an ornament and dreidel exchange. Sign up at her blog. The exchange closes this Sunday, November 15.
  • Vote: Amanda from Waiting in Line has her twins in the same contest as Sticky Feet. If you click over to the site, they are #9 on the right sidebar.
  • Daily Update: There are currently 77 participants on the Creme de la Creme 2009 list.
  • Giveaway: The Bushey Life is giving away a copy of a fantastic little book called Navigating the Land of If (hmmm...I wonder who wrote that brilliant-sounding book?). Go over and enter and get your own copy.
  • Easy Voting: Help out a fellow IF blogger. Sticky Feet has her twins entered in a contest. It's very easy--one click over to the site, one click for #18 on the right sidebar.
  • Moving Blog: Carolyne writes: "Due to unwanted attention from certain folk who have made my life tricky since discovering my blog I have created another. Please would you publish the new address for those who wish to come visit me. I will be deleting the current blog (Mini Monk Maker) once everything is done and dusted."
  • Project: Geohde writes: "It's time yet again for the yearly Great Blog Cross Pollination. I'm drumming up interest and would love anybody in the ALI community, no matter what your situation, to participate. The list is open to everybody and all are more than welcome. Meet new bloggers and gain new readers, just by trading guest posts for a day. It really is easy. Click over for more details and to sign up." [editor's note: I've done this two years so far, and I just want to add that Geohde matches you up with a blogger in a similar situation and is very sensitive about that].
  • Forums: If you are not a member of the forums, you will not have access to the LFCA on days when we are utilizing an open thread in the forums instead of posting on this site. Any blog reader or writer can become a member of the forums by clicking here and registering. On days when we don't have the LFCA, it also follows that I'll be slow on approving new members (that whole lack of Internet access thing) so please be patient.
NEW BLOGS (started in October or November 2009)
BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES (celebrate your birthday or blogoversary with the community. Send me date at any point and I'll post them on the correct day)
  • So It Goes is celebrating her first blogoversary! Go wish her congratulations.
  • TheMrs's 41st birthday is Sunday, November 15th. She is freaking out and would love support AND well wishes.
LOSS REMEMBRANCES (send in the dates of loss anniversaries and I will post them on the correct day)
  • On November 12, Bluebird will be remembering her twins on their birthday.
  • None Today.
MISCELLANEOUS SUPPORT AND CELEBRATIONS (scary scans, anxious waits, OHSS, and a host of other reasons why these bloggers could use some additional support right now. Also, celebratory retrievals, transfers, and other good news)
  • Luna has found out that her mother is dying and the cancer is inoperable. Please go over and wrap her in love and light.
  • My Bumpy Journey has a post up about a toddler who was left at a police station in Birmingham, AL. Police are trying to locate the parents.
  • Lara at Peanut Noodle has started stimming for IVF#2. Please cheer her on as she tries to get a better response than last time.
  • Barren By the Bay has been diagnosed with Complex Hyperplasia without Atypia and may need a hysterectomy if it doesn't respond to drug therapy. Go give her a hug.
  • Working Girl got some not-so-good health news that could cost her her uterus, but hopefully not. Her news was a mixed bag -- go cheer that it's not cancer, and sit with her while she comes to terms with the rest.
  • Hope in Briarrose's friend died yesterday. Please go give her support.
  • Hoping for Another Lovebug had to return to work after maternity leave. Please go give her some kind thoughts to get through this first week.
  • T & A got a negative beta on her second IVF cycle. Go send her good thoughts.
  • Egg Drop Post's last IVF cycle was a bust: no embryos made it. They have decided to move on to domestic adoption.
BEDREST BABES: on bedrest following infertility or loss and needing support. Drop in on them and keep them company.
  • Carly has been put on bedrest until the end of her pregnancy, and has had some potentially disturbing news. Go send her some love and support.
  • Moky had her first ultrasound yesterday and saw 2 heartbeats! She is pregnant with twins!
  • It's a girl! for Jodie who had a perfect anatomy scan yesterday.
  • None Today.

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JuliaS said...

The link for Working Girl takes you to Barren By The Bay. Barren By the Bay's link is accurate. :0)

luna said...

many thanks, mel. xo

Eileen said...

I love it when an issue comes out and it says "Loss Announcements: None Today." Amen.