Sunday, June 29, 2014

814th Issue of the LFCA

Welcome to today's edition of Connections Abound. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Anyone can submit news to LFCA by clicking here.

Lost and Found is open to anyone in the
infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption, pregnancy-and-parenting after infertility, assisted conception, living child-free after infertility or loss community (as well as anyone I inadvertently missed on that list). Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below.

Connections Abound

  • IComLeavWe: The July IComLeavWe list is now open.
  • Resource: The Empty Cookie writes, "I've discovered a severe lack of resources for Loss parents who are not Christian. I've made a post about it trying to get people to come and weigh in and just try and find like-minded friends in this messed up Internet. It's very isolating sometime."
  • First Time Reading the LFCA: If this is your first time reading the LFCA or you need a refresher about how the LFCA works, please read this post. It has everything you need to know about getting your news in the LFCA.
  • Quicklink Resources: Regular ALI Blogroll: If you would like your blog added to the ALI blogroll, please email me directly with your blog url and category pick. More information about being added is contained in that link. Password-Protected Blogroll: If you would like your password-protected blog added to the blogroll, please fill out the form.
  • None Today.
BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES (celebrate your birthday or blogoversary with the community. Send me date at any point and I'll post them on the correct day)
  • Life from Here is celebrating her anniversary on Monday.  Go wish them congratulations.
  • It's Sticky Feet's birthday on Friday, the Fourth of July.  Go sing her a little song.
  • The Road Less Travelled is celebrating her anniversary next Sunday.  Go wish them congratulations.
LOSS REMEMBRANCES (send in the dates of loss anniversaries and I will post them on the correct day)
  • The anniversary of The Empty Cookie's daughter's passing is on July 7, 2007. It will be the 7 year anniversary.
  • Deanna (@thebaconmaven / @infertilemomma) was 25 weeks 2 days pregnant when she started hemorrhaging and was rushed in for an emergency c-section. After living for 8 hours, her precious Kallan Jay got his angels wings. There is a collection being taken at We're hoping to earn enough money so Deanna and her husband can buy memorial rings.
MISCELLANEOUS SUPPORT AND CELEBRATIONS (scary scans, anxious waits, OHSS, and a host of other reasons why these bloggers could use some additional support right now. Also, celebratory retrievals, transfers, and other good news)
  • None Today.
BEDREST BABES: on bedrest following infertility or loss and needing support. Drop in on them and keep them company. Blurbs running underneath the "new" line are from this week, and the ones above that line will disappear on Sunday. Please do not re-list bedrest blurbs.
  • None Today.
  • None Today.
  • Although the announcement is a little late, Wistfulgirl and The Hubs are overjoyed to announce the finalization of their little boy's adoption on March 3, 2014 via foster adoption! They have also had 3 more children placed with them for whom adoption is the plan. On a side note, after a lengthy hiatus, Wistfulgirl is back to regular blogging again!
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