Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday's Connections Abound

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Lost and Found is open to anyone in the infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption, pregnancy-and-parenting after infertility, assisted conception, living child-free after infertility or loss community (as well as anyone I inadvertently missed on that list). Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below.

Connections Abound


  • Received this email this weekend: I am a professional writer seeking adoptive parents willing to share their comments for a book about the adoptive experience and parenting. The book is currently in progress and has not yet been titled. Anticipated publication 2008. Please contact: Sally Bacchetta,
  • Emilie from Lemmondrops has come through surgery well. They were able to remove all of the tumour and the baby is okay too. Go over and wish her good thoughts as she recovers.
NEW BLOGS (started in August or September of 2007)
BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES:A new section. Celebrate your birthday or blogoversary with the community. Send me dates for September/October right now and I'll post them on the correct day.
  • None Today.
  • Sunny Jenny at A Journey Through Infertility received a positive this weekend and also started to bleed heavily. Please go over and give her a hug.
MISCELLANEOUS SUPPORT:Bed rest, scary scans, OHSS, and a host of other reasons why these bloggers could use some additional support right now. Also, celebrations!
  • M made it through retrieval and transfer, but after feeling shitty for many days, ended up having over 6 pounds of fluid drained. Please go over to Infertility Loss...and Life and give her support.
  • A Mending Heart is still waiting for her period to arrive on CD50. She is really down right now and could use your support.
  • Foreverhopeful received a negative from this first donor cycle with her sister. They both have been through the wringer and could really use a hug right now.
  • Retrieval today for Thwarted Repeatedly.
  • Wendy from Adopting Ahren has just found out that her Guatemalan adoption has hit a snag. Her daughter's case was kicked into investigation in the minor's section and it may significantly delay her homecoming. Please go visit her blog and offer your words of support.
  • Kelly from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds lost her beloved pet dog. Please send up a few prayers that he is found safe.
  • Farah from Fertilize Me had her first IUI today. Go over and wish her good luck.
  • Bea from Infertile Fantasies had her first scan today. There were two gestational sacs and one heartbeat. Another scan will come next week. Please send many good thoughts her way.
  • None Today.
  • Olivia Drab is the mommy to Lauren Emeline born on September 7, 2007. Go wish her congratulations.
  • Coby and Brandy are excited to announce that they have just recieved a referral for a 15 month old little boy from Kemerovo, Russia. Please go wish them congratulations!
  • From this last wave of referrals from China, a long list of happy families:
  1. Journey to Sarah: Sarah Elizabeth (currently Qing Jia Chen), born September, 30 2007. She is at the Chenzhou Child Welfare Institute in Hunan Province. Go see that face, especially her cute little pouty frown!
  2. Journey to Mya: Mya Lian (Lin Qiu Lian) born September 17, 2006. Currently in Xingyexian, Guangxi. Her parents can’t wait to hold her in their arms.
  3. Our Whole World in His Hands: Gorgeous Ella Claire (Chen Youqun) born October 6, 2006 from Hunan. Jackson finally has a sister!
  4. Chasing Kayla:They have a healthy little 8 month old baby girl named MeiQiao in GuangXia (southern China) at the Changwu SWI. Check out that spikey hair and chubby cheeks!
  5. Journey to Lily Ann:Zhang Xin Sheng, born January 1, 2007, Zhangshu SWI, Jiangxi, China. Go see, you’ll want to squoosh that face!
  6. Pelton Adoption:On September 4, 2007, Zhang Xin Guang, was born in Jiangxi,China. What an adorable little butterball!
  7. Going for GracieMao Xi Dong (Grace) from Guangdong Province was born November 9, 2004! She loves music, singing, talking and imitating.
  8. Our Sweet Melissa: On June 8, 2006, Melissa Ann (Ji Shu) was born in Changzou Children’s WI, Jiangsu Province, China Quiet and easy going and adorable too.
  9. Meet the Hintons: Madison or Le Ping Yi (Yi means 'Happy') was born on February 5, 2007. She is currently in foster care out of Leping SWI in Jiangxi Province. The Hintons are over the moon for their Jiangxi jewel.
  10. Afraine: Alivia Marice (Xianyi Long) was born February 6, 2007 in Jiangxi, China. Known for “laughing out loud” – we know her family can’t wait to hear for themselves!
  11. Kenli's Korner: Kenlii (Chen Yu Bin) born September 23, 2006 in Chenzhou SWI, Hunan China. She has two teeth and smiles a lot!
  12. Our Georgia Peach: Danielle Lli-An (Cen Li An). Li means beautiful and An means peaceful She was born October 8, 2006 and she is from the Jiangxi Province. Big sister Lauren can’t wait for her arrival.

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