Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday's Connections Abound

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Connections Abound

  • Julie, Tertia, Gil, and I were in the newspaper today. Okay...not my newspaper, but the Globe and Mail.
  • I moved the sidebar blogroll to Lost and Found because it was slowing down the loading of Stirrup Queens. If you notice Lost and Found loading slower this week, please let me know and I'll move the sidebar blogroll to the Annex.
  • Ann at The Unlucky 20 Percent has a request: "We have received several good books about dealing with the loss of an infant. However, I'm wondering if there are any books out there specifically addressing the termination of pregnancy due to a medical problem. I'd love to find some support that really hits home for me." Please contact Ann through her blog or leave a comment below.
  • Crowned with Laurel has moved blogs and gone private. The new blog is Never Move Again. If you would like to follow along, email her here: sweetangelplus4@yahoo.com.
  • A very cool idea at Reproductive Jeans. Remember that first blog you read that made you want to blog yourself? "Here's your chance to say THANKS to that blogger who inspired you. Share your blog's birth story. Post it on your blog, (feel free to use the logo!) and then e-mail me or leave a comment here, and I will keep a running list of (no cut-off date!) of Blog You Very Much posts!" How cool is that? I love it and I can't wait to hear how everyone found each other.
NEW BLOGS (started in October or November of 2007)
BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES: Celebrate your birthday or blogoversary with the community. Send me dates for November/December right now and I'll post them on the correct day.
  • Today is Lindsay's birthday. Go over and sing her a little song.
  • Pee-sticks and Stones had another ultrasound yesterday. There was a bigger, yet still empty sac. There is one more ultrasound at 8 weeks 3 days next Monday. Please go over and give your support.
MISCELLANEOUS SUPPORT:Bed rest, scary scans, OHSS, and a host of other reasons why these bloggers could use some additional support right now. Also, celebrations!
  • The Shifty Shadow's sister announced her second pregnancy since Maya died. Go over and give her a hug.
  • Trish had a negative on her 5th IUI. Please go over and give her support.
  • Even though the post is not 24 hours old, it feels like everyone knows (I was the 106th commentor only a few hours after she posted it last night)...still...Julie really is a little pregnant! Go over and wish her congratulations on the positive pee sticks because--as she writes--it's something.
  • None Today.


Natalie said...

Yay for the article!

SarahSews said...

Mel, you must be so proud of this: infertility world's most famous bloggers. :) I thought the little lexicon at the end was a nice touch. Keep up the awesome work.