Monday, October 6, 2008

Changes Underway

Getting a non-news post on LFCA is like going into Starbucks and being served falafel instead of coffee. But there is a big change underfoot at the lovely Lost and Found and Connections Abound (LFCA) and we need your help to implement this new system.

People may not realize that you don't need to wait for your Clicker to notice news on your blog. Nor do you have to be a Clicker to submit news for a friend or something you noticed in the blogosphere. Anyone can submit news to LFCA. In fact, it pretty much divides down into thirds by this point: a third of the news is given by Clickers, a third of the news is added by me, and a third of the news is submitted directly by the person listed in LFCA.

The point of LFCA is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blog with the smallest readership should get the same support as the oldest blog with the largest readership. In other words, the point of this list is to sift through the 1500+ infertility/adoption/pregnancy loss blogs out there and direct support where it needs to go.

If you have news to report--either your own news or something you read on someone else's blog--please use this new form to speed along the process and ensure that the LFCA gets posted each weekday.

Lost and Found News Submission Form

Simply fill it out, hit "submit" and it should be included in the next LFCA (or perhaps the one after that if you submit it while I'm already compiling that day's LFCA). For a short period of time, I'll still accept emailed announcements, but I'm trying to phase those out this week and only take news from the form. Therefore, if you email me stuff, you'll probably receive an email back reminding you about the new form.

Anything submitted that doesn't fit the general news included in the LFCA won't be uploaded to the site. What type of news is right for the LFCA?
  • new blogs
  • birthdays, anniversaries, or blogoversaries
  • non-IF good news/huge accomplishments (such as a new job or being featured in a magazine)
  • pregnancy announcements
  • birth or adoption announcements
  • bedrest support
  • pregnancy loss announcements
  • loss remembrances
  • miscellaneous support--OHSS, retrieval, transfer, a procedure, wonky blood work, terrible day that is non-IF related (in other words, any place where you'd want to give the person a hug or tell them good luck)
  • miscellaneous celebrations--unusual great news (so, not the "your lining looks perfect" great news, but something out of the ordinary)
  • news and announcements--example, Oprah's recent show on DI or one of Resolve's Calls to Action.
  • questions you have on your blog where you are seeking a plethora of opinions on an adoption/infertility/loss topic.
So please do submit your news. Don't be shy. No one should be shouting into the ether. If you want people to commiserate with you, give you a virtual hug, or celebrate with you, please let us know what is happening in your world.

Oh--if you have something to submit that will happen in the future such as a birthday or anniversary date, please email those directly to me. Everything current, use the form. It is permantly linked on the right sidebar under "submit to Lost and Found."

Back to your regularly scheduled LFCA tomorrow.

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Bec said...

Great idea, thanks Mel :)