Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coming Soon

When you unplug for two days, it turns out that you have a monster-sized LFCA to upload. So while you wait for the cutting and pasting fiesta to complete by this afternoon (yes, the normal LFCA will be up later today), may I suggest that you watch this video for the 92YTribeca that cracked me up?

Especially because I am currently sitting next to a mountain of specialty sections from the New York Times.


Cara said...

HA! Thanks for the chuckle - I couldn't stop thinking about all the wasted paper!!!

That - and where I remember those vaguely familiar faces from...some sitcom or drama or something back when I had television...

KLTTX said...

That video was great. Thanks for sharing. I love Paul Rudd - he cracks me up!