Sunday, September 30, 2012

Help Create the LFCA This Week

Hey Everyone--

As I said in the Roundup this week, I am trying to curb my online time until the end of Succot (a Jewish holiday) so the LFCA will not run today OR next Sunday.  It will be back on the 14th.  In the meantime, please use the comment section below to build a free-form LFCA.  Check it daily to see if anyone is listed, and then go over to give your support or congratulations.  If you see news around the ALI blogosphere, leave it in a comment along with a link to the site.

Anything left on the spreadsheet will be uploaded on the 14th.



Mrs Green Grass said...

Mrs Green Grass (me) is starting her second week on hospitalized bed rest with slight bleeding and contractions (not so slight) at 24 weeks.

Bea said...

Hi mrs Green Grass! Hope things are ok for you this week.

For those actively pursuing treatments this month, list yourself at to give and receive support. New post is up. Everyone invited to pop over and hold someone's hand this month!

St Elsewhere said...

Sure Mel!

Keiko from the The Infertility Voice is PUPO after her ET. Please keep her company and send her vibes for a BFP.


Maggie arrived safely on September 18th, via a C-section. Congratulations, Maddie!


Two Pink Lines for Ginger and Lime! Awesome news!


cheryllookingforward said...

Elizabeth saw a yolk sac at her ultrasound on Friday. That's great news!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just celebrated 9 years of being married on Wednesday!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

The Perfect Moment Monday blog hop is now on BlogHer! There's still time to get your post up for a perfect moment you noticed in September.

And remember, the more you are aware of perfect moments, the more of them you get :-)

Heather said...

Please go over and support not undecided - her little one had some blood tests and even though he looks fine might have to see a liver specialist. If anyone is a medical expert I know that she'd appreciate your advice.

Alb Mom said...

I'm waiting for my beta from my first (only?!) IVF. Come look at ma pee sticks!

Anonymous said...

Ladies! I'm doing a fun FRER OPK giveaway! For the next four weeks I'll be sending bundles of 3 boxes of digital (so swanky!) OPKs to 4 lucky ladies!

JustHeather said...

Kate at Infertile in a Fertile Land could use some support. At her 23 week appointment, they found out Baby A is fine, but Baby B has Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome with mitral and aortic stenosis (HLHS).

Kathy said...

Are you doing the Time Warp this month? Through Time Warp Tuesday we revisit and share some of our favorite blog entries from our archives and reflect on our journeys since we wrote them. The theme for October is Hope.

So much of our lives we spend hoping for things to happen the way we have dreamed they would or could. This is especially true for those in the Adoption/Loss/Infertility community. Look for a blog entry in your archives where you wrote about hope. It might be a post where you wrote about something you hoped for, how hope got you through a difficult or uncertain time in your life or more generally what hope means to you. Then write a new post on your blog about why you chose the post that you did and what has happened in your life since.

Join us for some great reading, reflection and discussion. Linky opens at midnight (CST) on Tuesday, October 9th.

Suzanne said...

Hi. I am looking for an IVF organizer. I seem to remember a blogger made a funky one and sells them but I can't recall who. I know there's one by Stephanie Fry called the IVF companion and it's a binder but doesn't seem to be available. thanks in advance!

Stacie said...

Mrs. Green Grass had her baby at 25w 3d. I'm sure shed appreciate some extra thoughts and good vibes as they maneuver their way through the NICU.

Dora said...

I'm hosting a virtual baby shower for Mo (Life And Love In The Petri Dish). It's been a long, heartbreaking road for Mo and Will, but their daughter is almost here! Read this post on my blog or just pop over to the Party blog for an explanation.

NurseShaw86 said...

Hello all, I just found this blog today so I'm not exactly sure how it works. My name is Amy, I'm an RN and I have PCOS. I conceived twins on clomid in 2009. I went into preterm labour with them at 24 weeks. They were in the NICU for 2 weeks before very sadly passing away. I then got pregnant on clomid in march 2011 which ended in an early miscarriage.

I took clomid for a third time in June 2011 and conceived my now 6 month old son. I was in and out of the hospital on bedrest most of that pregnancy due to threatened preterm labour and constant contractions. I ended up having my son the day before his due date.

I have a blog in which I write about parenting, etc. I also speak about my twin daughters in some earlier posts.

I would love to connect with others in a similar situation.

My blog is at:


NurseShaw86 said...

I'm new to this site. My name is Amy. In my last pregnancy with my so I had CONSTANT contractions with my son from about 20 weeks. I'm talking at least 5-6 contractions every hour of every day until he was born. I was in and out of the hospital on bedrest with him and ended up delivering the day before my due date.

I lost twin girls in 2009 due to preterm labour at 24 weeks so I was EXTREMELY anxious in this last pregnancy! I have a blog where I write about all this at:

Do you have a blog? I would like to read it if so. Thanks :)

JustHeather said...

After 8 years of TTC, Sams over at what a day for a daydream finally got her BFP!!!

Michele said...

Have you lost a child or loved one? If you'd like me to run the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon in their memory, pop on over to my blog for details: